About Aberdeen PHP

What exactly is Aberdeen PHP?

History and Background

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular programming languages used by people building websites (and mobile applications).

Aberdeen PHP user group was started in December 2014 by Danny Ockilson and we've been meeting every first Wednesday of the month since then. Although formed as a PHP user group, it really embraces the full gamut of the web.

The group meets over pizza and beer or soft drinks, ranging and rambling chat, in addition to interesting and informative talks. Over the years we've had talks about design, continuous integration, docker, optimisation, side projects, learning, katas, devops, testing, joomla, minihacks, lightning talks, PHP7 and many other things. The group is diverse, welcoming, sociable, relaxed, irreverent, informative and fun.

A couple of times a year, usually December and July, the meeting will switch to being in the pub for more of a social vibe.

The meetings often feature PHP news, a breakdown of PHP, web and tech news from Robert Cooper, which is always excellent. We also collaborate closely with the other PHP user groups in Scotland, via the ScotlandPHP umbrella organisation.

More recently we have also been meeting for an informal pub lunch once a month. Keep your eye on our twitter feed for the next lunch meetup.

Danny was one of the organisers of the first ScotlandPHP conference in October 2016, which was a fantastic event, bringing together great speakers with the Scottish PHP developer community and folk from across Europe. It was a great event, with to many highlights to mention them all, from the opening keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf, the Friday night ghost tour, a dozen great talks in 2 streams and a great Saturday evening social. The ScotlandPHP conference, as well as the annual ScotlandPHP Christmas social in Dundee and great ways of bringing the wider Scottish PHP development community together.

Many members of the group are also active on the ScotlandPHP Slack channel which allows everyone to keep in touch between meetings, and with the wider community.

Various Photos of Aberdeen PHP

A few photos, in no particular order, of various talks and meet-ups.

Second Birthday Photo (AberdeenPHP)
Here we are raising a glass to toast two years of Aberdeen PHP in April 2017! Danny, the groups founder, taking the photo (we promised to photoshop him in later!)

Pub Lunch Photo (AberdeenPHP)
Celebrating our second birthday we have now expanded to a second monthly event. We are meeting for an informal pub lunch on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Rosemary Thomas - March 2018
Rosemary Thomas in March 2018 gave us a talk on her experiences as a woman working in tech and an introduction to argumentation schemes.

December 2017 Meet @ Wired Studio
A change of venue for our pre-christmas meet up in 2017 as we took the short walk to the excellent Wired Studios.

Danny in November 2017
Here's Danny back in November 2017 talking about Microsoft VS Code while everyone finished off the pizza!

Scott Graham (AberdeenPHP)
Scott Graham gave us an insight into the changing trends in web development work in the local area from the perspective of an agency manager, Feb 2017.

David Mackay (AberdeenPHP)
Rawkode himself (David Mackay) talked all things productivity in March 2017 with run through of productivity tricks and life hacks.

Raffle Time (AberdeenPHP)
We have raffles sometimes, and sometimes we use a polybag :)

Rasmus Lerdorf (Scotland PHP)
Some members of the group with Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP, at the Scotland PHP conference in Edinburgh, October 2016.

Mark McAulay (AberdeenPHP)
Mark talking about design for developers, August 2015.

Stuart Whitehead - May 2016
Stuart Whitehead joined us in May 2016 to give an insightful talk about his recent involvment with IOT projects.

Post Scotland PHP Meetup (AberdeenPHP)
The first meetup after the ScotlandPHP conference, with a few folk sporting their new t-shirts, November 2016.

Danny talking code Katas (AberdeenPHP)
Danny talking about code Katas, June 2016.

Andy talking Joomla (AberdeenPHP)
Andy talking about Joomla, February 2015.

Dave Stokes (Scotland PHP)
Dave Stokes talking about MySQL json data types at ScotlandPHP, October 2016.

Erin O'Neil (Scotland PHP)
Erin O'Neil talking about UX at ScotlandPHP, October 2016.

Rasmus Lerdorf (Scotland PHP)
Rasmus Lerdorf talking about PHP7 at ScotlandPHP, October 2016.

Rasmus Lerdorf (Scotland PHP)
Rasmus on spaceships at ScotlandPHP, October 2016.

Scotland PHP
Folk buzzing around the user group stand at ScotlandPHP, October 2016.

Robs doing a pub-quiz (Scotland PHP)
Robs ace quiz at the ScotlandPHP xmas social, December 2015.

Christmas Social (Scotland PHP)
Us all milling around at the start of the ScotlandPHP xmas social, December 2015.

Thomas at the Christmas Social (Scotland PHP)
Thomas sporting an excellent festive jumper at ScotlandPHP xmas social, December 2015.

The Christmas Social (Scotland PHP)
Just getting started at the ScotlandPHP xmas social, December 2015.

Talking Continuous Integration (AberdeenPHP)
A talk about continuous integration, September 2015.

Talking Continuous Integration (AberdeenPHP)
Continuous integration is a popular topic at the group, September 2015.

First Birthday Celebrations (AberdeenPHP)
On the group's first birthday, in April 2016, we had a cake.

Mark McAulay (AberdeenPHP)
Mark asking a tricky question at the meeting in August 2015.

Stickers! (AberdeenPHP)
Sometimes we have stickers, as is the techy way.

Thomas Talks Cats! (AberdeenPHP)
Thomas doing a talk in October 2015, always to to get kittens into your talk.